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This is a contract between Depew Energy Co. and you, the customer. Depew Energy Co. agrees to deliver heating oil now through, April 1, 2018 on an automatic delivery basis at the price of; and not to exceed $3.099 per gallon. If the daily price is lower you will receive that price. 

All deliveries are based upon the degree day system. If at the end of the program you are not projected for a delivery, you will not be topped off at the old price. When the price protection ends you will remain on automatic delivery unless you notify us in writing; 

Depew Energy Co. does not control the oil market, so any interruption due to terrorist acts or geopolitical events, including weather-related issues that increase the cost beyond our control will be passed on. 

Depew Energy Co. has the right to allocate fuel deliveries if necessary, without the customer running out of fuel.

There will be a $75. one time downside protection fee which will be included in your budget payment. This fee is non-refundable. There will also be a $199. exit fee for any cancellation of service. 

Your budget will be based upon the prior 2 years fuel usage. The formula is: 

Last year's usage x CAP =Total  

Total / 11 or 10 ( depending on the number of months you choose) always ending April 1st.

The customer must stay current; if budget payments are missed, then Depew Energy Co. reserves the right to charge the credit card on file and/or remove the customer from the program. If the customer uses more fuel or the price drops, we will either lower or raise the budget to reflect the circumstances. If the customer uses more than projected and has a balance, the balance must be paid in full by April 15th.

This contract is not valid until the first payment is received with the signed contract and automatic delivery application. 

If you are not Budgeting the fee is $149.00 per location 

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By signing and dating below you are confirming to understand the terms and conditions detailed above for this contract.